the energy of joy...

last night we had a dinner party and our guest of honor was the very reverend mark boyling, the dean of the carlisle cathedral in carlisle, englandthe sister church of st. john's - our church here in carlisle, pa.

it was a wonderful evening, full of good food and conversation and wonderful friends of all faiths. my friend, the reverend b, an ordained buddhist priest, offered the perfect blessing before we ate. i broke with tradition and, instead of the traditional main course and side dishes, served a selection of five vegetarian salads. my friend J. made THE most incredible garlic bread and the wine flowed freely. instead of one dessert i served three; mocha frosted brownies, lemon squares, and sugar cookies. (what's not to like, right???)

anyway, it was a fun night. dean (husband dean, not cathedral dean!) and i cleaned up easily after our guests departed, and this morning i was treated to the delight of a clean home still reverberating from the energy of a joyful evening. i always delight in our home, but it's especially dear to me the morning after an evening filled with friends and food!

i hope you had a wonderful weekend, too, and that the week ahead is filled with joy!

karen anne

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