gentle thoughts....

perhaps this new work is my way of balancing all the vitriol surrounding us as we get closer to the election.

or maybe my recent works on paper are informing my quilts.


i'm happy with this new direction. it feels right.

etude II (step quietly into the dawn)

det. 1

det. 2

-karen anne


  1. So peaceful! I think a lot of us are looking for quiet, calm and peace at this time.

  2. Your body of work has a serenity that is rare today. A lot of us try to achieve this in our daily life and in our art work, but it takes courage. It takes strength to not put too much.

    1. Thank you so much, Judy! I seem to be in a quiet place that allows for simplicity. It's a hard space to maintain, for sure, and it comes when I least expect it, so I'm embracing it while it's here. It gives me a respite from all the color and pattern I also love, and it balances the vibrancy and overt joy in those works.