a year ago today i tripped over my sweet black puppy, jake, who was sleeping on a black rug - in the dark. such a stupid accident since i had many times nearly tripped over him on that rug - but never responded to my inner voice that told me to get rid of that rug! anyway, i broke my left foot - for the third time. my right has only once been broken, insulted in much the same way; by my clumsiness and failure to acknowledge the wisdom that now fairly screams at me to be careful.

today i celebrate being upright and whole even though i'm still mending soft tissue and nerves...that can take a long time. but i'm here and that counts for a lot in my book, and the pain i still feel from that break, and the ones before, help ensure that i'm more aware of where/how i'm moving. for that i'm grateful.

while my break a year ago was physical, there are emotional and spiritual breaks that occur in life, too, and that was on my mind as i made today's quilt:

etude III
(healing in the broken places)

i wish you healing in your broken places!

-karen anne


  1. Its so easy to take a misstep - and have it impact your body for months or years. I'm glad the pain is easing. I love the thought and ideas in these pieces. A dear friend is going through the loss of her husband of many years and is trying to heal the brokeness of her loss. Thanks for your creativity.

  2. I'm so sorry about your friend's loss - how hard that must be for her - I send her good thoughts and wishes that she heal in her own time and way, and that she finds her way to peaceful days.

    I've recently returned to my daily Rieki practice - I achieved the Master/Teacher level several years ago. I think that is visible in the quilts that are appearing. The special light during these days of Fall is informing them, too, I think - such a clear, crisp light - I love it!

    Thank you, Penny, for your comments and thoughts - and encouragement!