shetland cottage...

i was recently asked to donate a work for a fundraiser for our local art center (CALC) that will be held in november. playing around with watercolor pencils and black pigma pen this morning, i came up with a variation of a drawing i had made of a cottage in the shetland islands after we visited there this summer. after completing the drawing, i cut it up and collaged various pieces together to create this work:

the "cross-stitch" pieces are elements that have often shown up in my quilts - seems i just can't get away from having some sort of reference to textile traditions. i'll mat and frame it this week - the image is just about 5" x 6" so i'll use a wide mat - i love wide mats. the frame i've chosen is a 1/2" black wood frame that has just a thin line of gold traced on the edge. 

i'm happy with it and hope it finds a good home after bring in some money for a good cause!

-karen anne


  1. Love it! I can see it as a complete stitchery also.

  2. Would that I had the patience to do it as complete stitchery, Penny!