this new direction...

the quiet quilts continue and i'm enjoying them. some are more successful than others, but that has been true with the vibrant quilts as well. i've learned to embrace that because it mirrors my life with some days being better than others. accepting things just as they are - in that moment - is always a challenge, but it is a lovely gift to give to yourself and to whatever/whoever you are accepting.

i go back frequently to the quilts that i don't consider quite as successful and try to figure out what it is about them that makes me judge them less favorably. i do the same with my favorites, too - there is information to mine and lessons to learn from each quilt. what pleases me is when a quilt that isn't my favorite is "favorited" by someone visiting my shop on etsy. i love that bit of proof that there is absolutely someone/something to delight each of us if we but keep up the search.

here are two of my favorites from the haiku series:

the yearning for home
for mountain lakes and birch trees
pink dawns filled with love


climb up and slide down
way up to the moon and back
a magical ride

both of these have a pictorial presence, though still abstractions, and in both i've "drawn" with my machine. i love to draw, and i like that these quilts have allowed me to just that.

- karen anne

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