wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving filled with all the love and good food you can handle!

i'll be off until after the weekend to embrace all that i am grateful for. 'til then, here's a quilt that sums up what home is for me:

to be home at last
a place where love flows freely
a place that is safe

: : karen anne

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  1. Good Evening,
    I saw your work on etsy and was very impressed not only by the works themselves but also by your work ethic. As a fiber artist, instructor, writer, I am always talking to my students about making more work - so as to become a better artists and to become more self engaged. If you don't mind, I'm going to steal your idea (Picaso " good artists borrow, great artists steal") of doing one piece of art each day. I will start on January 1st 2011.
    Thank you for sharing your art, your writing, your heart.
    Heather Thomas