taking a deep breath...

at long last there seems to a balance in my creative life. i feel like i've found my voice again and that i'm not committing fraud when i say i'm an artist. since i finally feel at ease in my skin and ready to put myself out there, it was time to take a deep breath and publish a professional website again. 

here is a screen shot of the home page:

i still have work to load and pages to add, but i'm pleased with it thus far.

i hope you'll visit and take a look - and please let me know of any typos you might find. it's next to impossible to edit one's own work, isn't it?

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karen anne

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  1. This is beautiful!! I love it that you've been able to truly express yourself, both in your art and in writing it out. I take your words to heart and hope to emulate some of them in the coming year with my own work.