out with the old, in with the new...

i've recently lost some weight and am the lowest i've been in well over 13 years. but i've been so happy and busy doing other things that, while i've noticed, i hadn't really acknowledged the loss.

it hit me the other night when i spent well over 2 hours going through my closet trying to figure out what to wear to a holiday party; everything i reached for was too big. way too big. these were my go-tos for the past few years and last year they were almost too small. it was odd to feel frustrated because something was too big. it never would have occurred to me that i would feel frustrated by that, but there i was, nearly in tears instead of rejoicing.

it hit me then that i'm really in need of a break - not from losing weight, but from the studio, the house... from all the things that have taken my attention for the past months.

so i'm going to take one. just for a week. enough time to be present for my family and enjoy all the traditions that come with christmas. enough time to get acquainted with the way my body has changed and take pleasure in that instead of being frustrated.

take a break with me. go hug your family and bake some cookies. stay up late. sleep in...

meet me back here on the 28th, all refreshed and happy and ready to look at the new year with fresh eyes.

see you then!

: : karen anne

p.s. snow is forecasted! just a flurry, but still:

snow in the forecast
a chill wind grips the land
children wait with sleds

p.p.s. merry christmas!!!


  1. Pardon me, but I got a chuckle from your losing weight/closet adventure...becuase I did the same thing a few years back. The holiday clothes tend to be forgotten during the year and then they're needed...and don't fit and it's catastrophic!

    Enjoy your time with family and friends. Merry Christmas!

    1. I'm glad you knew what I was talking about - it was such a surprise!

      Looking forward to designing and sewing some new things in the new year that will fit both my body and my present state of mind. It's HARD being 62 and not feeling matronly...I can't quite figure out what to wear...

      I need to get the book Advanced Style - full of wonderful inspiration of older women with great style!

      Merry Christmas to you, too!

  2. Enjoy your break -- every single beautiful moment of it. Sometimes our perspective has to be changed to realize the beauty of our lives. Happy Holiday!!

  3. Hi Karen Anne- Glad to see that Jennifer included you in the Roy G Biv Challenge. I offer a piece of fabric every month to those who "play" along. You happen to be this month's winner! Congrats! If you could email me your mailing address, I will send the fabric off to you.--Julie Booth