and so it begins...

a new year! a year full of challenges and possibilities...

after a lovely brunch at a friend's home i headed up to the studio, determined to be quiet and follow whatever path revealed itself. (that sounds so much more lovely than: "...and follow whatever hints all the fabric on the floor, overflowing the ironing board, and falling off the shelves screamed at me", doesn't it???)

i ended up with a quilt that came together in short order. i love that it is made with strong fields of color; i've missed those the past couple of months. and i love the message that came with the haiku:

a swing and ladder
beckon you to dare new heights
lose your fear and soar

if we are to become all we can be it's imperative that we are not fearful, isn't it? too many times in the past i've let my fear hold me back.

i think this year might just be different.

hope so!

: : karen anne


  1. Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

  2. Oh boy, I so agree with this comment. How many times have I said 'oh, I wish I could do that, but I would never be able to' -- trusting ourselves is the best gift we can give ourselves. Happy New 'creative Year to you!