fear not...

i'd love it if this was the year i overcame all my fears...

go ahead and jump
do not give in to the fear
have faith and believe

do you have things you fear, too? do they hold you back from being all you could be?

i'm not giving up my fear of heights, though, because i KNOW that gravity is just sitting there waiting to suck me over the edge! (you think i'm kidding?!?!?!?)

: : karen anne


  1. Just think what you'll miss if you let your fears hold you back. For me, it's claustrophobia, although surviving an MRI in October altered that a bit. Now I tell myself that if I can survive an MRI, I can survive...fill in the blank.

    However, I still will not and never will drive in New York City or across those too old, too narrow bridges that get you there.

    Here's to overcoming fears!

    1. Oh the dreaded MRI! I was ready to give away my firstborn to avoid one, but no such luck - but it helped me finally getting my life bake after 25 yrs of misdiagnosis. I hope your MRI gave you the answers you sought as well.

      And those bridges - I know just what you mean. I'm the same with being stuck under an overpass. I mean it's just a matter of time before our lack of attention to our infrastructure catches up with us.

      I'll picture us both in s lovely pink bubble, okay? Safe from all harm - real or imagined!

  2. I used to fear bridges - especially the ones out west which go over what seemed to be longer and longer spans. At my age however, and having been over many, many bridges (both literally and figuratively) I'm no longer afraid. Now my fears are more in the range of 'hope I don't break a bone' *smile*!!

    1. Bridges, tunnels, overpasses...I can get anxious just naming all the things that trigger fear. I think in a former life I must have been burned at the stake on a very tall covered bridge over a vast ocean of water!

      Part of the problem with being an artist is being able to visualize the impact of what we fear and that makes the sense of urgency to get the hell out of Dodge all the stronger. My BIL who is a psychotherapist suggested that I sing when I'm afraid because it's difficult to do visual and auditory tasks at the same time. So when I sing the Star Spangled Banner when an aircraft is taking off, folks think I'm either looney or mightily inspired! And this from someone who managed to fly a little Cessna 150 solo from Naples to Rome and back when I was younger and didn't know enough to be afraid!

      Here's hoping you stay upright and unbroken!