our island home...

the first time i heard our earth described as "our island home" i was reminded of the photograph of the earth taken from space. do you remember being amazed at how small we really are - and how fragile and beautiful earth is when you saw that photograph for the first time? amazing...

today's quilt is a response, i think, to all the craziness and bipartisanship i've been witnessing the past months. we can't  afford to be crazy. or bipartisan. we are all connected and earth deserves our very best - which is not what we've been offering her.

this is, after all, the only home we will ever have.

earth is our island
our home in a sea of stars
there is no other

: : karen anne


  1. This stitchery is perfect!!! There is a set of postage stamps out now that has scenes taken by 'eye in the sky' satellites. The scenes are quite interesting. I so agree with your words -- I worry all the time that we are too late and wonder how we could ever take this beautiful planet for granted - abusing her in the process.

  2. Hi Karen ~ I've come by for a visit via the Tafa post on f'book, nice to *meet* your work. As one who is so very fond of fray and ragged edges, I must tell you how much I respond to this piece. Beautifully done! Thank you...for every good thought it took to put in every tiny stitch for it's making.

  3. Thank you Penny. It's never too late. I hope!

  4. Thank you Sweetpea! (That's what I call my daughters!) It's nice to meet you, too - hope you'll visit again soon!