northern lights...

carlisle arts learning center is having another of its color-inspired exhibitions; the next one is Ultramarine and will be opening 18 january. it's always fun to see the range of work that is presented.

in addition to a work on paper from my show there in August, i decided to submit a necklace that i've titled Northern Lights.  it's 22" long and has a mix of different beads (semi-precious, glass, ceramic, metal) strung on wire and finished with a pewter toggle closure:

it was fun to take a bit of a break today and just get lost in my stash of beads and think about all the lovely northern lights i saw in norway when i was a kid...

and, typical of me, i just couldn't resist adding that red cinnabar bead - just because!

: : karen anne


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    1. Thank you, Penny. I love getting out all my beads...and making a mix of odds and ends is very much, for me anyway, like making a quilt. I have an embarrassing amount of costume jewelry that I've collected when I find a good bargain. I could open a bazaar!

  2. Hi Karen Anne- Perhaps a trip to Star's Beads where I work part-time is in order went you make your trip down this way in the spring? Beautiful necklace!-Julie

  3. Only if you don't let me buy anything!!! (Or at least keep me from going too crazy...)