twenty-nine years ago...

twenty-nine years ago was a thursday. as on every thursday, i planned to watch tom selleck on magnum pi when it came on at 8 pm.

but i didn't.

at  8pm i was in the full throes of labor, focusing on the wall clock with each contraction. i remember seeing 8 o'clock come and go...

that night i gave birth to my first daughter, megan elizabeth, and became a mom. a few years later i gave birth to her little sister, emily rebecca, and it was just as wonder-full and magical.

today's quilt and haiku were created as i reflected on my firstborn; my sweet megan:


angel from afar
she came borne on light and love
a gift from heaven

happy birthday, sweet girl!

: : mama


  1. Ahh, lovely! I once had a friend who sent the mother's a card on their children's birthdays -- I always thought that was quite appropriate.

  2. A bit late but happy birthday to Megan. She had such beautiful gifts from you.