the blues...

i've been busy!

things around the house that have been on my mind for months are getting checked off my to-do list and it feels good. radiator covers are getting painted, clutter is being reduced...

i took today off, though - i mean enough of this efficiency business, right?

yup, indeedy. i took today off and drank tea and read elle decor and house beautiful - such fun! and then i came up to my studio and drew. the light isn't good today for taking photographs, so, while i was adding some adjustment layers, i decided to play around and manipulate the photo of the drawing. here's what i finished with:

still life in blues. 11"x14". digital manipulation of pigma ink drawing. 2013 

i love blue and white china and have seen a lot of it in antique stores lately, so it came through. love the color of this!

okay. time to head downstairs and think about making dinner.

can you guess which china i'll serve it on?

: : karen anne


  1. You're proving its not alway a bad thing to 'have the blues'!

  2. Hello,found you at Etsy. I love your work and am so inspired by it.
    Just the perfect boost on a rainy cold Sunday afternoon. Thank you for my creative boost!

  3. Penny - I especially love purpley blues, don't you?

    Elisa - so glad you found me and that my work gave you a creative boost!