the joy of buying from etsy artists...

purchases from other artists on etsy are always such a treat. they all seem to want to go a bit further than the buyer expects; a way to share the joy of their creations in more than one way.

case in point - the beautiful shibori scarf i bought from donna kallner which arrived today. i love how  she had used the tissue of an old pattern to wrap the scarf, tied it with a thin black grosgrain ribbon, and included a delightful heart made from some kind of vine. i felt so special that i had to take some pictures to share with you:

isn't the packaging and the scarf lovely?

i can't wait to wear it - and the heart will find a special place in my studio.

next time you have to buy a gift, or need a treat for yourself, please consider finding an artist on etsy whose work speaks to you, especially if that artist also happens to be a member of TAFA (The Textile and Fiber Art List) like donna and i are. i know you won't be disappointed!

: : karen anne

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  1. I am enjoying your blog, and your comments by Wendell Berry. Could you tell me what book these are from? I'd like to read more.gail.baar@gmail.com