word of the day...

some mornings i wake up and there is a word - a random word - glued front and center in my brain. sometimes there's a whole phrase sitting there, but usually it's just a word and usually in english, though there have been times when it's a foreign word and i'm not even sure of the language let alone the meaning...

i have no explanation for this. it just happens.

anyway, today was a "word" day and the word was attenuated.

wasn't quite sure what it meant, so i looked it up:

what struck me right off was that word and definition, with a bit of rearranging, composed a haiku.


weakened in force or effect
unnaturally thin

some days it's just kind of nice to get a little help from the universe right from the get-go, you know?

i say "unnaturally" in four syllables so the last line works for me. you?

: : karen anne

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