dancing to the soul's song...

today marks the end of my first year dedicated to a daily (almost) practice, and i just listed the last quilt of this year-long series in my etsy shop. though more quilts will surely follow (they are such a part of my being now!) other works will stand beside them, hopefully adding richness and depth to the voice i have finally found. i will be taking a month off from listing to do some deep listening, but the shop will remain open and older quilts will be renewed so they might be revisited, enjoyed, and perhaps find a new home.

i am ready to just let the memories of this year wash over me. i want to look at each quilt that is still here with me and mine them for lessons about what this next year will bring. i'm ready to have the space to experiment with new ideas in mediums i have left in the wings, but i daresay they will all probably have a connection to fiber/textiles/quilts.

the rest of the day looms ahead of me and it feels rather odd after a year of knowing what i would be doing the next day. thoughts of my next day have apparently really filled my this days - and that in itself is something to look at and fix...

i leave you today with the quilt i finished this morning:

where to go from here
the heart's intentions are clear
dance to the soul's song

may your day be spent dancing to your soul's song, too!

: : karen anne


  1. How wonderful! Congratulations! Wishing you many more years of daily creativity.

  2. Thank you, Jennifer! Can't wait to find out what lies ahead, you know? Always a mystery... one that keeps me climbing the stairs to the studio!