two sides...

being a gemini offers both gifts and drawbacks.

yesterday i did this pencil drawing with machine stitching and while i like the front, i like the back just as much - maybe even more, with its lovely tangle of threads:

dangling participles. graphite on bristol with machine stitching. 11" x14". 2013


i scanned these with my new scanner and it seems to work pretty well. i've had a lot of trouble photographing my paler works so thought a scan would be a good alternative.

: : karen anne


  1. The front is lovely, but the back...aaahhh...it sings or sways while humming quietly to itself. What is it with the back of pieces? With rusting and monoprinting on cotton, many times I find that it's the back that holds the most appeal - a tad subdued, but far more interesting showing only bits and pieces of the full pattern that's on the front.

    Good luck with these! They're intriguing.

  2. It does, doesn't it? I've been looking at the backs of things a lot lately - and i love using the wrong side of fabrics in my textile drawings for just the reasons you described.

    i like the metaphor of the hidden back, too - that who we are on the surface isn't the whole story; that there's often a different person behind the facade...