i can finally share the news!

i've been sitting on this for months - since december, actually! - but i was asked not to share it until i received word that it was okay, and word came today!

i'm so happy to let you know that six of my haiku quilts will be featured in the "series showcase" department of the summer 2013 issue of art quilting studio magazine along with an article. it will be on newsstands 1june. published only twice a year, it's a beautiful magazine with lush stock, color photography, and interesting articles. i'm really honored to have my work placed there!

a senior managing editor at the magazine found my work on etsy and contacted me, asking if she might submit images of some of the quilts for possible selection for use in the summer 2013 issue of the magazine. i agreed and in late january she contacted me again to let me know that the work had been approved. i re-photographed the work, sent it in, and spoke with the writer of the article. it's been a fun process, but it's been hard to keep it to myself!

i should receive a copy of the proposed article in mid-april for my final approval - and then i'll just have to twiddle my thumbs until june!

here's what the current issue looks like:

i noticed that the name of the series showcase artist is on the cover - i wonder if mine will be, too? what a hoot if it is, huh?

my deepest thanks to each and every one of you who have followed my work and offered encouragement, for being on this journey with me! 

: : karen anne


  1. Congratulations! What thrilling news. I hope you remind us again when the issue is available. I'll run right out and get one.

    1. Thanks! I'll be sure to post a reminder!

  2. Congratulations! Great news! Can't wait to see the article. Yes remind us when the article is out please.

  3. congratulations! We are looking forward to seeing the next issue-it is a great magazine!

  4. Hi Karen Anne- A little behind but wanted to say "Congratulations!" Can't wait to see them in print-Julie