a new year...

today is my birthday - and i'm proud to say i'm 63 years old.

seems that the past few weeks of fussiness on my part were, among other things, birth pangs of sorts; winding up the past year and feeling the need for something new. only right, then, that on my birthday it should feel like a new series of quilted drawings is beginning.

it wants to be called: the space between.

i've long been fascinated by the space between things.

the space between: events. words. lovers. dreams. beginnings. endings.... all these spaces and more...

the spaces can be large or tiny, loud or barely noticed.

i think i'm especially aware of these "spaces between" today as i say goodbye to one year and hold out my hands to embrace the next.

always the optimist, i look forward to see what this year will bring.

so...the first of a new series? i think so! a wonderful surprise for my birthday, huh?

: : the space between dreams : : 

: : karen anne


  1. Happy birthday!!!

    The space between is such an intriguing idea. Will it be a year long series, perhaps?

    1. Thank you for the birthday salutation!

      I don't quite know if it will be a year long series... But hopefully it will go loner than the short-lived alphabet series!

      I'm intrigued by the idea of this series...it feels like there is a lot to explore and understand in it so I'm looking forward to seeing what it might have to teach me.