the title for this post came to me as i reviewed my listings on etsy that had expired. i've been at the practice so long now that almost every day there is something to renew. this simple act of reviewing something from the past and deciding whether to renew it or not is refreshingly healing. it draws my attention to where i have been and allows me, in that moment, to decide where i will go.

renewal relates to today's drawing too:

: : the space between the going out and the coming in : :

my days are filled with moments when i decide - consciously or unconsciously - if, when i go out, i will come in again; if i will renew the connection with whatever, or whomever, may be waiting for my coming in. oftentimes that "whomever" is me... i'm amazed (horrified?) by how often i go out and don't "remember" to come back for days...weeks...even months. i'm there it would seem, but i'm not fully present to my life.

what a gift to be conscious of the "spaces between."

to be fully present when those spaces appear...

i like to think that those small - almost infinitesimal - spaces are the ones that define our lives.

with each of those spaces comes the opportunity to renew - and to be renewed. 

and maybe, if we're lucky, to offer renewal to someone else...

: : karen anne

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