today's drawing felt good to make; before, during, and after. i loved making the marks on the cream fabric with watercolor pencils and water and then listening to hear how it might be incorporated with other fabric to become complete. i love the colorway of this piece, too - the vibrant periwinkle, the aqua, the lavender...on a ground of a soft gray-green. the composition and stitching pleases me, too.

: : the space between the suchness of moments : :

it's not the first time that after i've completed a work it has brought to mind that of artist richard diebenkorn. this image is from his ocean park series:

Ocean Park 105. 1978. Oil and charcoal on canvas.100 1/8 x 93 1/8 inches

i love the way he composed a field and the way he used color. i'm not in any way saying my work is comparable to his - that would be an insult to his estate.

what i am saying is that it just pleases me immensely when i get the feeling that he and i are very much sharing the suchness of a moment... 

: : karen anne

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