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good morning!

i'm so excited to tell you about the new project i'm taking on with my friend artist (and self-described paint flinger) lynn lrawczyk of fibra artysta fame. i wrote about lynn in my last post - she's the brave soul who recently documented the purging and organizing of her studio (read the blog series here) that triggered the urge to do the same in many of her readers, and that got me to devise a way to de-clutter my brain! (the plan, remember?)

anyway, lynn and i met after she was cruising around etsy one day in november 2012. she found my quilted drawings, convo'd me and the rest is history. i liked her from the start - we seemed kindred spirits and i felt as if i had always know her. i love it when that happens, don't you? thanks to etsy i've found a number of wonderful new friends in just the same way. (maybe you're one of them?)

but i digress...

lynn contacted me early in our friendship and asked if i'd be interested in doing a collaborative work with her. the first time she asked i think i declined with "feeling i had enough on my plate" or something like that. the truth was that i had never worked collaboratively on an art piece before and the idea scared me. a lot. thankfully, she asked again a few months later and i decided to jump in with both feet - fear be damned!

we decided to each do two pieces of whatever (i don't know what to call them!) and send them to the other to let them do whatever with them. so we'd be whatevering the whatevers...got it? stick with me - i've got photos! we'd send them back and forth until we felt they were finished. huh. right...

i supposed that could happen quickly or it could go on for years and years, right? maybe we need to set an end point? or not. guess we'll just have to see how it goes and who poops out first!

so. the two pieces i sent her were created like most of my work - intuitively. the first piece i did measured 8.5" wide x 6.5" tall.  here it is before stitching and after stitching:

and here's the second that measured 8.5" square before and after stitching:

neither are quilted in the traditional sense - they are just fabric pieces with fabric sewn on top; no batting or backing was used. i imagine at some point in the process i will add batting and backing, but that won't happen until later in the collaboration - if at all. we'll just have to see what the work "asks" for, huh?

lynn posted about our collaboration on her blog today - and already it's fun to see what happens when two abstract artists work together; when she posted the images of the pieces i sent, she flipped them both on their heads! no right or wrong here since they are abstracts and it just happens to be the way i photographed them - but i loooove that she "sees" them differently than i do! this is going to be such fun!

the pieces she sent me should arrive soon and i can't wait to see them in person - they look incredible in her post! love the colors and richness of the surface design. then i'll get busy listening to them to see what i'm supposed to do - cut them? stitch them? what?

stay tuned to see what happens next! (until then - have a great day!)

: : karen anne

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