it's good to have fun!

since my effort to get out of a dreaded rut got into full swing, i've been having fun again - looking at things in new ways, trying out ideas, editing, finessing, throwing out, picking up the rubble, mining it for gold, juggling with it...

and the result is another etsy shop! what good news! (or something like that!):

i had originally decided on GüdNūz for the shop's name, but when i went to register it, someone already had dibs on GudNuz. go figure. anyway.... i added the "wut" after some quick thinking and, voilà, i was in business! third time's a charm, right?

the new shop will feature original sculptural jewelry and while there are just two items listed so far, more will be coming. you can check it out at www.wutgudnuz.etsy.com

of course all this meant i got to have fun designing the banner for the shop and - yeeha! - the business card:

all the while i've been setting up the new shop and doing the design-y bits and pieces i've been giving a lot of thought about my studio practice and what i might do to be happier with all that.

tomorrow i'll write about what i think might work best for me going forward - and i'm excited about the plans!

it's good to have fun, isn't it? life is too short not to.

: : karen anne

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