just because...

another day of doing what i don't need to be doing to avoid what i do need to be doing.

today i thought about what i'd name a shop if i were to open one on etsy for my jewelry.

i decided i'd name it GüdNūz. (as in, "GüdNūz! i just came up with a name for a fictitious shop!)

i liked the graphic possibilities that sprang to mind when i considered the two three-lettered words complete with umlaut and horizontal line. 

it had me all giddy, ya' know?

so the rest of the day was, of course, spent playing around with what i'd do if i opened the shop and needed a business card. i just love business cards. more than i love business. (but that's another story...)

anyway, here 'tis:

someday i should do a post on all the business cards i've designed for the fictitious businesses i dream up. i never want to follow through on the ideas, but i sure do love coming up with the concepts.

and the business cards.

maybe tomorrow some work of consequence will be realized.

or not.

: : karen anne


  1. For me as non native English speaker it sounds like Good News. I like it :)

    1. You got the idea perfectly - just like your use of English! So glad you like it!