when i was redoing the studio and going through old work, i found this drawing i had done - a simple pencil drawing of three bowls. they could be teacups, too, i suppose, but i did it long enough ago that i can't remember what i intended them to be. i distinctly remember going through a period of fascination with bowls, though.

anyway, the drawing is quite large - 22" x 30" - and the largest bowl measures just under 6".

it's so odd when you look at work you know you did, but can't quite figure out the "why" of it. there's some connection with work i've done before and since; certainly it indicates my attraction to surface design, my love of white space, the sort of lilting lines, and my sense of humor with the wonky shape and polka dots, but, other than that, it stands rather alone in my portfolio. i think maybe i'll do a few more drawings of bowls in the near future to see if the process offers any clues. at the very least, this drawing won't be alone anymore...

enigma. pencil on paper. 22x30 inches 2005(?)

gotta say, though, that little bowl with the polka dots just really makes me smile!

: : karen anne


  1. It's a great composition, I guess it does speak of your abilities in design. 'Enigma' is a fitting title :)

    1. Thank you, Ersi - it seemed to fit it well!