lynn krawczyk collaboration / part 2


back in july i posted about my collaboration with lynn krawczyk of smudged textile studio. i finished making my two pieces and sent them off to her, and, in return, she sent me two luscious pieces of fabric that she had painted and stamped and (i think) thermofaxed. Here they are - perfect examples of what you can do when you're an expert at paint flinging like lynn is :

12.25" x 10.75"

9.25" x 7"

aren't they wonderful???

i would have been perfectly happy to keep them just as they came; i loved the colors and the depth each piece had. but, alas, that isn't what this collaboration is all about so i got busy with markers, scissors, more fabric, and thread.

fabric markers on linen

i cut pieces of the linen with the orange and yellow designs and added it to the second piece along with  plain linen and some orange/red wool that was in my stash. i included pieces of both fabrics that lynn had sent me, and stitched everything in place with orange thread. 

here's how it ended up:

the second piece includes both of lynn's fabrics, too, but i reversed one part (the darker brown/green) and added some of my own fabric (the larger pieces of purple) that i had printed by Spoonflower. then i added some gray and mustard, and beige on beige striped fabrics from my stash and bit of an intense purple/red that i used often in my quilted drawings.

each ended up about 13"x9" as I remember. (lynn's made a nifty spreadsheet to keep track of all this but i forgot to ask her what these were and can't find where i wrote it down. gah!)

our exchanged works will gradually get larger i imagine, and we will just have to trust our instincts to know when they are "done" i suppose, but all that makes it just that much more fun, don't you think?

check out her new blog post here to see what she did with the pieces i sent her. 

i can't wait to get those back and see what will become of them!

: : karen anne

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  1. I love both collaborated pieces, but must admit that the first - the luscious reds and golds - took my breath away. Wonderful!