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as i wind down the etsy shops and the daily practice of quilted drawings, i'm thinking of new directions for my work. but it seems important, before i dive into the new work i want to start, to take some time to consider giving back a bit to the community i live in. we have a wonderful arts organization in town - the carlisle arts learning center - whose staff works tirelessly to keep the arts alive and well and growing in carlisle, pa.

anyway, i thought it would be fun to see what i could come up with that might sell well there and generate some income for them through their commission. i wanted to use materials i had on hand that would otherwise be wasted, and i wanted to make items that would be affordable and fun and well designed.

i've already made a series of nice collages with pieces of the extra calendar images i had, but i neglected to take photos of those. (promise to do that tomorrow!) so much fun to make new "quilts - but this time all in paper. they inspired me to make some pins by putting together two moo cards and laminating them before backing them with ultrasuede. since i already had the earrings from the wutgudnus etsy shop, i just made cards from them and added small pieces of the quilt images to set them off.

and here they are!

on thursday i'll meet with cathy stone, who, along with all her other tasks, handles sales. if she likes the prototypes, we can figure out the pricing and then i can get busy making more so there will be a variety available for the christmas shoppers. 

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