glittered goodness and the pricing dilemma

the experimentation continues...

this time i tried a sort of cherry blossom ornament. and, yes, i definitely need to get a qtip out and clean up the stray glitter - it sticks even where there's no glue. (you should see my face!)

3.5"tall x 3.5"wide x 2"deep 

 and a better shot of the one i made yesterday:

2.5" wide, tall, and deep

i've really enjoyed making these, but i'm not sure i'd be able to sell them at a price that would pay for my time and materials. when i figure in the 30% gallery commission, yesterday's would have to be $10 and today's $12, so, hmmm...what do you think? (keep in mind the photos are of the prototypes, so the final ones would be executed much better - i didn't even finish with the glitter on yesterday's!)

i'd love to know what you think. it's really hard to price work like this. you want it to sell, but you can't do it for free - so sometimes you just decide not to sell them at all and just give them to friends and family as gifts instead...

: : karen anne


  1. I believe you must either price your work at a fair return to you, the artist, including allowing for the 50% commission most galleries take, or give them away as gifts. Artisans who undervalue their work do themselves and their fellows a grave disservice. These are lovely, unique, handmade little works of art. Charge accordingly. Cheers!

    1. Thank you for seeing them as I do! I figure I will set the price and if they don't sell, well, my friends and family will be happy!

      Karen Anne

      p.s. I read your blog- I'm so sorry for your neighbors loss...and I'm sorry that you understand all to well what they're feeling. That you do, though, is a blessing to them.

  2. Karen, I think they would sell. People collect ornaments and they could retail as collectibles for over $20 or to hang on your car mirror. But, I think the bigger question is whether you want to make them to sell. You expressed in an earlier post that you are interested in getting into galleries, making larger work, etc. So, it seems to me, like these are more exercises of what you can do with dimensions. I could see you expanding this concept on a much larger scale, maybe with hidden messages embedded, etc.

    I think you need to be clear about the process. I'm sure you could stream it to produce tons of these quickly, but is that the goal?

    1. Hi, Rachel!

      My goal remains the same - these are just things I'm doing for the Carlisle Arts Learning Center - our local arts center that does such great work keeping the arts alive in our community. They gave me my show last year and have been generous and supportive.

      Anyway, I thought if I could make some original, well-designed items out of all the leftover images I have of the quilted drawings, it would be a win-win. I have my sketchbook right beside me as I'm working - and sketched exactly what you suggested- these on a grander scale! So not to worry - I'm not getting sidetracked, just trying to give back a little!

      Thanks for writing to nudge me and make sure about my intention - so lovely of you!