back to work...

tried some work with hand stitching today, and then mounted it over a 12"x12" stretched canvas. i have two additional pieces in mind that i hope to get to in the next few days. the three would hang together as one:

no. 1

love the sewn edge of an old canvas drop cloth

stitching with perle cotton and dots drawn with fabric marker

i also played around with creating texture using an old t-shirt i cut up. not sure what, if anything, i will use this for, but you never know when something might be just the thing you need (and i do love to experiment!):

love the color, don't you?

okay - just about time to start the weekend's festivities. my little town will be hopping tomorrow with all the students returning to dickinson college and with the 60,000 folks expected to attend the annual corvette show and parade. good times!

hope your weekend is wonderful!

: : karen anne


  1. Your work is always so beautiful. Perfect, in a way. Not a stitch too many, not an element too short. I love this piece.

    1. Thank you so much, Ersi! I love your work so I'm especially touched by your compliment,