the soul of a quilter...

took some time today to complete items that will be sold at CALC. there's something really satisfying about making small items like this that aren't "precious" but are still creative and expressive of my spirit.

            pins all packaged and ready to go

            pin backs - i had fun mixing the colors

            A2 sized blank note cards and envelopes

i love making new things from the bits and pieces of other things.

could be that i do, indeed, have the soul of a quilter...

: : karen anne


  1. Karen Anne, I love your pins and cards. Do you sell them anywhere besides fairs?

    1. Hi, Gale! I had planned on selling these only at our local arts center, but other inquiries have me considering putting a few of each in my Etsy shop (www.karenanneglick.etsy.com). Would you like me to let you know if/when I do?

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