a clean studio...


begging to be messed up again.

it is just a matter of time… i already have a new idea stretched out on the floor.

it's snowing outside and i'm listening to the broadway station on pandora feeling upbeat even though i have finally accepted i will probably never become the musical theatre star i imagined myself becoming. not that i ever did anything to advance that dream, mind you, besides being understudy for laurie in our high school production of carousel. but i digress…

today is a day to enjoy the calm of a clean studio. 

to sit in my red chair and sip hot tea and watch the snow fall.

to enjoy the anticipation of new work.

and then...

to belt out "tits and ass" (from chorus line) as loud as i can and dance ferociously.

a day just made for embracing my magical life...

: : karen anne


  1. It looks so pretty! Wish we were coming up for Thanksgiving...I miss your house

    1. I hope that sometime in the future we can all gather here again- but it means so much to be able to be at your home and celebrate with Mor and Far!

  2. what a wonderful studio-you are lucky!

    1. Gail - indeed I am! I have the whole top floor of our 1831 home. There is even a teensy bedroom where I can take a nap when I get pooped from all the studio busyness!