confessions of a path junkie...

it's probably the 29 moves i've made and the requisite exploring of new cities and landscapes that has led me to be a path junkie.

all i know is that i like to start out on a path and see where the steps will lead me and discover whole new vistas and ways of being.

got a path? i'm there!

and, i'm finally figuring out, it clearly applies to the way i work in the studio.

case in point...

on 3.29.2012, i made this quilted drawing:

later in the year i had some moo cards made and used a detail of the quilted drawing for one of the cards:

when i redesigned my business cards and the moo card was just sitting on a shelf, i used its colors as inspiration for a pair of earrings, and added it as an accent on the display card:

then i cropped the photo of the earrings because i'm drawn to isolating abstract elements:

finally, i used the photo as inspiration for a new 12" x 12" quilted drawing that i wrapped around and stapled to a canvas:

several months ago it was pointed out to me that it seemed i lacked focus because i worked in so many different mediums. 



what do i know?

and do i care?


i'm a path junkie.

so be it.

: : karen anne


  1. You go girl! Follow your own path no matter how many focal points you encounter. Just one question though....what the heck is a MOO card?

    1. Small cards where you can put up to 50 different images on one side

  2. your pathing is an exercise in logic and a real inspiration, karen!!