tiny sculptures and then some...

while making another round of earrings today, it occurred to me that i approach these wee works just as if they were monumental sculptures; checking balance and scale, noting edges and negative spaces, adding, subtracting, standing back and reconsidering, until the whole feels just right.

i approach them as another form of drawing, too, or of painting...

mounting them on the cards allows me to play with color and white space. finding the right printed snippet of one of my quilted drawings and arranging the composition so that there's just the right tension between the parts is pure pleasure for me.

i'm sure most folks just look and say, "huh. earrings."

little do they know that they are beholding lilliputian sculptures - mobiles, even - displayed on small paper canvases.

go figure.

anyway - here's what i made today:

and then i come full circle envisioning the last photo as a large quilted drawing…

: : karen anne