a way of working...

the way i work is a lot like taking a walk. i follow a path and see where it leads, all the while keeping my eyes, mind, and heart open. sometimes a "walk" goes something like this:

1. enter the studio

2. take a photo of the piece of canvas you hung and attached a sewn string of fabric pieces to:

3. upload the photo and play with it...change the hue and saturation...lasso and extend some areas. overlay an image of a white door you took a while ago. play around with orientation.

4. choose the two favorites and print them on 13x19 inch lush, matte photo paper.

5. tentatively title them "winter light" and "summer light".

6. prop them on a shelf and go do other stuff the rest of the day.

7. return to the studio the next day and wonder if the images are too large to be scanned.

8. adjust the sizes.

9. stare at both.

10. search through a stash of stencils from other projects and choose the one that has two large circles cut out.

11. sit on the floor and perforate each image with two circles, poking the needle through the paper into the carpet below.

12. realize that they should be retitled and change the titles to "winter solstice" and "summer solstice".

13. choose a delicate pink perle cotton thread and embroider the largest circle on each image while you sip tea and listen to soft jazz on pandora.

14. place the images side by side.

15. know that these two are finished; the first of what will be an edition of 10 each.

 winter solstice. digital drawing with embroidery and perforations. 8" x 17". edition of 10.

 summer solstice. digital drawing with embroidery and perforations. 10.5" x 14.25". edition of 10.

16. smile inside.

17. scan both and add to the website.

18. start thinking more about the large textile piece that needs to be worked on and completed.

: : karen anne

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