study time...

working large again has me a bit hesitant and less confident than usual.

i have the composition set for the large piece i'm working on, but i'm not quite sure if i just want to jump in and try machine stitching everything in place right off the bat or try fusing things a bit first.

when in doubt? do a study!

so here 'tis:

i traced around the 12" square ready-made canvas with a mark-b-gone blue pen, arranged the pieces, and then fused them in place to a piece of canvas that is the first layer. after that i added some stitching on top… and then stretched the whole thing over the ready-made canvas that acts as a support. i was really pleased that the blue pen came right out with a bit of dabbing with a damp cloth.

guess i'll think about this over lunch.

but after that it's definitely "just do it" time. the large piece has got to get finished by the end of the day tomorrow!

oh - and just in case you're wondering, here's a sneak peek at the large work with elements just pinned in place:

Requiem for Fukushima - it will be 42" square

 : : karen anne


  1. Exciting! It's also such a bonus to have study that works as its own small fine art piece.

    1. Thanks - it is! When I finish the large piece, though, I think I will add two more small squares to this - I love working in threes - and this one has triggered lovely memories of my neighbor in Japan practicing on her koto; it was magical!