adagio for a winter afternoon...

i just finished a new piece. i think of the current work i'm doing as textile paintings because i feel more like i'm working on a painting than anything else; i'm just using fabrics instead of paint. i decided to make this, and the next several paintings, 22" x 28". That's still bigger than any work i've made for years, but it's more manageable than the 42" square i used last time.

 Adagio for a Winter Afternoon. textile painting. haircloth, cotton canvas, 
neon thread, marker, rayon. 22" x 28. 2014

 Adagio for a Winter Afternoon. detail 1

Adagio for a Winter Afternoon. detail 2

i like the three very pale horizontal lines i added going up the right side. i'm happy with this piece…

you might notice that this work includes elements left over from  Requiem for Fukushimai have such a hard time throwing out leftover pieces and i'm always amazed at how i find amongst the scraps exactly what i need in exactly the right size for whatever i'm working on!

: : karen anne


  1. The accent element - the remainder of Requiem for Fukushima - is, of course, perfect. It hints at the promise of spring to break this long cold winter.

    1. Thank you, Paula! My work always seems to express my innate optimism. Even the Fukushima piece; while I initially envisioned it as a bolder statement about nuclear radiation, it ended up being a reflection on the beauty of a lost city…and a hope that somehow/someday it will be revived.

  2. I love this piece, Karen! Gray is so wonderful to work with and really makes that orange red hint pop. I hope you do some more on a larger scale!

    1. Kathryn - thank you! I just bought more wood today to build the stretchers, so other 22"x 28" works will be coming soon. I must say that the winter weather that keeps coming at us is helping me stay on task in the studio; no pull to my garden to contend with yet!