the collaborative dance continues...

remember the collaboration i've written about in the past? the one involving exchanging pieces with fellow artist lynn krawczyk? well, dear readers, it is still going on! i'm really happy that my co-conspirator is decades younger than i because she's still got the brain cells - and some incredible organizational skills - to keep everything all straight with this project. lord knows, i am just about totally lost at this point, but i'm having fun, so hey, it's all good, right? right!

a couple of months ago i got two pieces back and have been eyeing them in the studio until today. of course i neglected to take pictures of what she sent before i did my thing, so i'm really hopeful she took some before she sent them my way.

but anyway… i jumped in, started dancing with lynn's pieces, and got both finished!

i realized as i worked that lynn and i are two different color "seasons". lynn is definitely an "autumn" and i'm clearly a "winter". she is drawn to browns and oranges and muted greens, and i fancy bright clear colors. we're also different in our approach to space, with lynn seeming to favor lots of pattern on pattern, while i love my open spaces. i think both of us are stretching as a result of our differences and that's always a good thing for artists to do. and i love how these are growing in size; i think our initial pieces were less than 12" square.

here are the two that i will be sending back to her:

30" x 26" (i cut what she had sent and added the wavy fabric and the black and red printed fabric)

31.5" x 27( i cut up her piece and added the white, the blue and green stripes, and the pieces on top of the white. and two little squares of the wavy fabric i used in the first one.)

so there you have it!

these will go in the mail tomorrow. lynn has another two pieces she's working on, so when i get those back i'll do my bit and then post about them. perhaps at some point i'll get clear on exactly where we are and post about the progression of this whole collaboration more accurately. hope so!

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