and another...

i mean, why stop at one?

so here's another necklace:

necklace. 2" x 3" on 18" black steel cable neck ring. fused and sewn fabric,
plastic canvas, glass and ceramic beads. 2014 

yesterday i posted a picture on facebook of the striking packaging for starbuck's new "tribute blend" coffee and when i look at the coloring and lines in the necklace, it makes me think the packaging must have still been on my mind:

oh the things that course through my brain as i work… apparently nothing escapes this steel trap!

i have one more piece waiting to have some beads attached, but it's really time to move on to the other work i need to be doing; have some "calls for entries" i'm determined to respond to. if i get that done i'll reward myself by finishing up the third necklace.

hope you have a wonderful week and that spring is coming your way!

: : karen anne

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