i send myself emails...

i send myself emails when i get an idea for something i want to try... otherwise i might never remember by the time i get to the studio. yes, indeedy, technology is my friend!

the latest email i got from myself suggested i try making a piece of jewelry using the same extra firm, double sided pellon i used in constructing the notebook i made a few days ago.

so i did… and then i got to try out my sweet new camera to take the pictures to post here!

necklace. 1 3/4" x 4 1/2". stitched and fused fabrics, glass beads, plastic canvas,
18" black steel cable with stainless closing.  2014

so there you have it; my offering for the day. 

glad i remembered to send the email, and glad i remembered to read it.

and i'm particularly glad i got my new camera! (sony's alpha a3000)

: : karen anne


  1. I do the same thing! Email myself. It works and I'm so glad someone else does it too.

    1. Candy - it works like a charm, doesn't it? I also use the Paper app on my iPad mini as my sketchbook now - but it I plot out an idea on a napkin, I take a picture and email that to myself. I never would have thought technology would be such a help in the studio!