resurrection and reflection...

today is my birthday, a day of quiet celebration and reflection.

a day to be grateful for so much.

i'm especially grateful that i am one who enjoys growing older. each day i feel calmer and more comfortable in my skin.

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yesterday i resurrected a dress/jumper that i had made in 1990 from a beautiful off-white linen my grandmother had purchased in Ireland in the 1950's. i had thought i would cut it up to use in my artwork, but when i pulled it out from the stacks of fabric in my storage area, i decided to try it on. i was surprised that, because i've lost weight in the last two years, it once again fit perfectly! unfortunately it had some dark stains and spots on it that didn't come out when i tried washing it.

i decided to embroider over the stains and i love the way it came out:

i'm happy to be wearing the dress again.

it feels like me; older and mended in places, but simple and (i hope) lovely still.

: : karen anne


  1. Kintsukuroi philosophy, quoted in thread. Lovely.