streets paved in gold...

i wonder what the conversations were that led to the decision for my grand and great grandparents to leave all they had ever known and emigrate to the United States...

was it a sudden decision?

or had it been contemplated for many years as they tilled the rocky soil of runsvold - the name of their farm in the nordland area of norway - near mosj√łen?

was there any discussion between my great grandfather and great grandmother? or was she expected to simply follow his lead whether she had misgivings or not?

had they fallen for the promise of a new land where the "streets are paved in gold"?

the streets are paved in gold. collage of recycled oil paintings on canvas,
machine stitching, canvas remnant, cotton upholstery remnant

the streets are paved in gold. (detail)

the streets are paved in gold. (detail)

you might recognize the house shape from the last work i posted.

i decide i wasn't at all happy with it and took it apart. now the house is where it wants to be. where it feels just right.

and maybe that is the answer to why my great grandparents came to america…because it felt right.

i wonder...

: : karen anne

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  1. "because it felt right." This moves me. Thank you.