composing with magazine pages...

i'm back in the studio!

while i've been away i've noticed that making compositions is something i do.

all the time. wherever i am.

a wee bit of a compulsion.

often, while waiting somewhere, i find myself taking pages of whatever magazine is on hand and folding the pages into small compositions. i have a whole stack of these little works, but these are from yesterday. of course i had to make a composition out of the compositions:

i couldn't resist playing around with the images on photoshop:

i really liked what happened to that one in the upper right, so i decided to combine it with part of one of the others:

and then i played with another: 

i always find something to be inspired by in these wee compositions. they provide a jumping off point for other work - especially handy when i'm feeling "stuck".

: : karen anne

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