a sneak peek...

it's been a long time coming - filled with fits and starts and frustration - but i've finally decided to get going on moving my site to squarespace and consolidate everything; my work, my blog, and: a store! 

i'll be getting my etsy shop down to a bare minimum and gradually listing products in my new online shop that i've named solo - a simple, straightforward word that aptly describes both my nature and way of working.

below are a few screen shots of what i've worked on so far:

(what you see right now if you go to www.karenanne-glick.squarespace.com)

(a possible new home page)

(what the store page might look like)

and, lastly, what the new blog page might look like:

any further work on the whole move will have to wait for awhile though. 

i have 10 pieces of work to get ready to ship to a show in Omaha, in addition to continuing to work on wedding details for my youngest. and somewhere in there is a cruise, visits to family, and all the other things that fill a life to brimming!

not complaining. life is good these days!

: : karen anne


  1. This is exciting! The name Solo is brilliant.

    1. Thanks so much, Paula! My hope is that once everything is consolidated I'll feel less scattered and be able to work of marketing a bit more. My main priority, however, is to just keep doing my work...the rest will have to fall in behind.