improvisational sewing...

sometimes, just as a way of relaxing, i sew a garment.

my grandmother taught me to sew when i was 11 and now, 53 years later, i feel pretty competent. sewing something to wear is absolutely pure pleasure for me.

so today, after i cleaned the studio, i set to work.

not having enough of the green linen, and not having enough of the grey-blue, i had to improvise. i decided to combine them, alternating the colors for the four pieces needed for the short swing top i wanted to make.

i added a circle of a great black and white linen to both the front and back, and then a long rectangle on one the side. (the black and white linen was, in a former life, a napkin i bought years ago at pier 1 imports.) i satin stitched around the shapes with orange thread.

and there you have it - one top improvised from what i had on hand! i think i'll wear it tomorrow...

: : karen anne


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    1. Thank you, Jean! Sorry this took a bit to publish - life has intervened a LOT the past few weeks! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

  2. I've often found a lack of plenty to be my best inspiration. This is brilliant, and I hope to use a few of my most precious fabrics that I've been collecting for years and years. I have a similar history. Turning 65 this month, with intermittent machine sewing jags over the last 53 years, I learned handwork earlier. Just returning to clothing sewing again after many years of only quilting and sewing for the house and others. Now, it's all for me. lol

    1. Thanks for writing! I'm tickled you found this old post and were inspired a bit! And I hope you'll check out my new website where my blog is now www.karenanneglick.com And I hope you have a super happy birthday - 65 is a wonderful age!🎂👏🏻❤️