dipping my toes back in...

i'm slowly working my way back into studio mode after having been on a delightful 10 day cruise from NYC to Quebec, and then flying off to Colorado for a short visit to help my youngest daughter choose her wedding gown and to meet her future in-laws. both trips left me happy and relaxed...

maybe a bit too relaxed as i'm just now beginning to dip my toes into studio work. there will be a few more delightful interruptions to my normal studio routine over the course of the next few months, too, but that is what makes my life the joy that it is...


i came up today and uploaded the photos i had taken and couldn't resist (always a good sign!) playing with a few of my favorites from the many i shot on the ship. soooo many great lines and shapes and plays of shadow to be found onboard! (note: the titles are just tentative to make things simple; they will probably be changed at some point.)

Shipboard I. manipulated digital photograph. 2014

Shipboard II. manipulated digital photograph. 2014

Shipboard III. manipulated digital photograph. 2014

i can see adding some stitching/embossing/perforations to each of these after i work with then some more, but i'm pleased with them just as they are here, too.

three toe dips... more as i get time and inspiration.

: : karen anne


  1. I love these, especially the first. Will we be seeing it translated into fiber? Glad you had a wonderful time away. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! Not sure they will be translated into fiber, but I'm more and more certain that stitching will be added once I print them out... stay tuned!