the happy pitter-patter of patterns...


i tried.

i really did.

several months ago i cleared my closet (storing most of it in another closet in another room) and tried to live with a minimum of basic items, all in an easily interchangeable black, white, and beige palette.

after a few weeks i noticed black and white stripes were beginning to creep in...some from the stored items, some new.

i noticed that i was combining stripes with the solids.

than i started combining the stripes with other stripes.

than i happened upon some sale items at tj maxx; glorious prints on floaty, chiffon-y separates...

what was i to do?????

i added the happy pitter-patter of patterns to my closet.

and then i played...

i played with all sorts of print combinations.

here are some of my favorites:

wearing all these patterns together just makes me happy.

it fills me with joy.

it makes me want to dance through the day.

and the black, white, and beige items? 

well, they are the absolute perfect backdrop to the cacophony of colored patterns layered and swirled on top...

: : karen anne

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