small dyings...

the present year dies in a matter of hours and the new one will begin.

each year, each month, each day, each moment, we experience a dying of sorts as we transition from one to the next; each, i think, a preparation for what will come as we leave this earthly experience and transition to another way of being.

it's reassuring, i think, to be aware of our small dyings...

for me, being aware of them is an act of faith; a confirmation of my confidence in the eternal spirit of my soul.

*   *   *

the end of 2014 finds me embracing quiet spaces - within and without.

no more craving the cacophony of pattern expressed in my last post, no more wanting to chase after whatever it was i thought i should be chasing after; selling my work? seeking recognition? just "more" of all of it?

*   *   *

to be still.

to be aware.

to express myself in a creative way each day; in my work, in my way of dressing, in my keeping of our home, in my cooking that nourishes me and those i love...

these small, sweet moments of just being are what i cherish now.

it feels as if my old ways of being have died their small, necessary deaths and allowed me to move forward into this moment, teetering on the edge of a new year.

it feels like i've been here before; comfortingly familiar.

today, as this year ends and i let myself feel fully the quiet endings of each small dying, i am beginning to recognize myself again.

i'm remembering.

i'm returning.

wishing you the blessings of small dyings, and a year filled with joy.

: : karen anne

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