A Start...

As I've thought about the journey my grandparents and great-grandparents made when they stepped off the shores of Norway and headed to America, I've wondered about what they chose to bring and how they packed their few belongings.

I've moved 29 times and have packed more times than I care to dwell on. But their move...not at all sure I could have done it. (Truth to tell I do think about packing up and moving back to Norway, but that's a whole other post!)

Anyway, the idea of bundles kept surfacing in my thoughts.

I decided to revisit the work I made several years ago; small bundles constructed with window screening and rug canvas:

I've had trouble sourcing the super stiff rug canvas I used in the earlier work, so I decided to work with hardware cloth from Lowes. I like the durability of the material and the fact that it will take paint - if I choose to paint it - easily without loosing its form, and I like that it continues to the reference the warp and weft of textiles that is important in my work:

These trial pieces are 2, 3, and 4 inches respectively - with the grid measuring about 1/4". Hardware cloth can be purchased with larger grids, too, so I'm excited about the possibility to work larger if I need/want to. Combining materials - the hardware cloth with window screening and/or rug canvas - is an idea I'd like to explore, too. Experimenting with ideas of size, enclosing, stacking, hanging, etc. as well as incorporating other materials should keep me involved and busy.

I'm feeling encouraged and optimistic, and look forward to seeing where this start will lead and how the pieces will change as I go. 

: : Karen Anne

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