today is brought to you by...

...the letter "b":

the alphabet series: b

it seems the quilts want to share a bold, graphic quality. and a similar size and selection of colors. they also have wanted me to finish their edges as i did with the earlier quilts; bringing a back layer up and over and then stitching it with three rows. it makes them nice and tidy and contained. 

it's been interesting to reflect on my thoughts as i work on this new series. names of friends and family come to mind, as well as types of "b"insects and other creatures. this one also had me thinking of music - where "b" is on the scale, and the types of music that begin with "b" (bebop and blues...) and composers and musicians (bach, beethoven, billy joel, bonnie raitt...) 

so there you have it. behold the letter "b"!

: : karen anne